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How-to: glue-gun stencils

Did you know you can use your glue gun to create great stencils for use on fabric? Whether you prefer geometric designs or organic shapes, you can have hours of creative fun with this technique.

Download glue-gun stencils tutorial. (PDF 3.13 MB) 


How-to: painted fusible webbing


Have you wanted to try using painting fusible webbing in your textile work but didn't know how? Let me show you how easy it is!


How-to: silk paper

Making silk paper is simple and fun. This technique is sometimes called silk fusion. It allows you to play with soft silk fibres to create a versatile piece of fabric that can form the base for many projects.

Download silk paper tutorial. (PDF 2.34 MB)

How-to: thread-woven brooches

If you collect gorgeous threads and yarns, why not show them off by using simple weaving techniques to create a textured brooch? These small tactile treasures make fabulous gifts for textile-loving friends.

Download thread-woven brooches tutorial. (PDF 2.13 MB) 

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