18 July 2016

Three things

I have plenty of things to like this week but here are three of them.

1. Mandarins

How delicious are these? They are bountiful in the fruit stores but there isn't a single one on my tree this year. My tree seems to fruit every second year so I'm looking forward to the next winter season!

2. Camellias

I cut some beautiful camellia blooms from my Dad's garden on the weekend and floated them in the only large bowl I have, a pasta bowl (perhaps not exactly the style I was looking for!). Three different types, all gorgeous.

3.  Playschool's 50th anniversary

To celebrate this anniversary, guest presenters have been involved in episodes. Here you can see Adam Goodes read Counting Aussie Animals in my Backyard. It's so darn cute!

What do you like this week? 

11 July 2016

My book of the month: July

I do enjoy a good romance novel. This genre usually has some kind of challenge in the story line but they always have positive endings, and I'm all for adding more positivity to the world.

This is one of the most engrossing romance novels I've read recently. It doesn't have a traditional happy ending but that's okay; real life doesn't always give us happy endings, either. Yet, I still felt satisfied after reading the story of Scott and Frankie, who met by chance and fell in love. The fact that they lived thousands of miles apart didn't stop them choosing each other.

Read more about The Turning Point on Goodreads.

04 July 2016

Hello July

I've freshened the look of my blog in honour of the new month. There's been a lot of happy changes in my life in the first half of this year so I wanted Creative Dabbling to reflect those changes. Let's focus on the positive parts of our lives!

You'll see that I have added a new Gardening link at the top of the blog. For a while, I toyed with a separate gardening blog but it felt odd to me; as if I had a split personality! I've added my gardening posts to Creative Dabbling so, if you are interested in my garden musings, this is the first place for you to visit. I may add links on other specific subjects soon.

I'm interested to know what type of posts you would like to read here. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion; I always like to hear what you think. Thanks to everyone who does leave comments - they are greatly appreciated! 

Enjoy this month and, if it's winter where you are (like it is here in Sydney), stay warm!

06 June 2016

It was wild!

The weather was wild along our east coast this weekend, with torrential rain, strong winds and huge waves. It seemed as if it would go on forever but it never does. 

Today is windy, helping to dry the ground. To prove the low front has moved away, the clouds broke up and there were patches of blue sky. All things pass.

23 May 2016

My book of the month: May

Oh this is a most wonderful story. It only took five pages to hook me and, I confess, books rarely do that to me so quickly!

Set in England, there are two threads to the story. The first starts in 1796 with Jane Austen and shows us the development of her novels and her relationship with mentor, Richard Mansfield. The second thread is set in the present day and tells how Sophie Collingwood traces a literary mystery.

If you enjoy old books, Jane Austen, mysteries, and love, then First Impressions is for you. I loved it.

Read more about First Impressions on Goodreads.

11 May 2016

Three things

So many things to like, but here are three that I like this week.

1. Colour in the shops

Gorgeous teapots, spotted in T2 yesterday. Thanks for allowing me to snap this shot!

2. Shapes in the garden

The beautiful shapes of a tree fern, silhouetted against the sky.

3. Reading Harry Potter

I've never read this series before and am enjoying immersing myself in the first book. So many new stories to discover!

What things are you enjoying this week?

03 May 2016

My book of the month - April

I missed posting this in April but you won't mind that, will you?

This is the 17th novel in the Alexandra Cooper series and I enjoyed it more than the earlier ones. I loved the change of point of view for most of the book; the first 70 or so pages is from Alex's perspective but the rest is Mike Chapman's. This revealed the man behind the tough NYPD cop; something we haven't understood too easily in previous books.

Yes, there still was New York history - it was essential to the plot - but not too much. Normally the books in this series are packed full of historical facts that seem superfluous to the story. These are the pages I skim and immediately forget. The author's change of style is a welcome one for me.

You can read more about Devil's Bridge on Goodreads.